Realtor Dad

By Nicholas Clough

“My wife and I met in our hometown of Miramar after high school through mutual friends. We have been married now for 16 years. Here are a few ways that we make happiness last. We enjoy date night, which is typically dinner and a movie. We also enjoy the Improv comedy club, and going anywhere that there is live music.

We spend time with the kids every Sunday, which is now a ritual. We attend church and have lunch on International Drive. We try a different restaurant every Sunday. We also like to go to the movies as a family. Of course the beach is always a great place to relax and we do that every chance we get.

Sometimes it gets difficult trying to balance a Real Estate career and family time. Thank God I have an understanding wife and kids. Understanding as in the kids know that when Daddy sells a house, Daddy has money!!In all seriousness though, I do have to restrain myself after hours and on the weekends from answering the phone. I’m still working at it.”

– Nick Clough, Florida Realtor

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