Ken and Maxine Reyes are certified relationship coaches and hosts of relationship centric events where individuals and couples come together to participate in enrichment workshops and exciting activities over an extended weekend, away from the rigorous training and work environments. This started when Ken and Maxine celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in May of 2012. They are now married for over 25 years. Over the years of attending these celebrations of marriage, couples and singles that attended raved about how inspired they were, how safe they felt to ask questions and express their feelings, and how much they enjoyed the event. 
As a military couple who both served in the war zone, they’ve dealt with the complication of deployment separation, trauma and invisible wounds that accompanies military separation from each other and children. Their specialty is working with military and veterans, but they share similar relationship challenges as many non-military couples.
Some events are strictly for married couples and they are advertised as such.

“Our overall goal is to help couples working to build and re-establish happiness in their marriages. We attain this through workshops and retreats, using our network of resources and our own Relationship Resiliency® techniques. We also help individuals identify red flags while dating, and make wise decisions in moving forward in their spouse selection process. ” – Ken and Maxine 

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