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Meet Moni and Roy Jefferson. Moni is the creator of the popular MilSpouse Creative that specializes in connecting creatives within the military spouse community. She is also the brain behind the MilCam app. We won’t spoil it for you, we’ll just go directly to the interview. Enjoy! Happily Joint = HJ, Moni Jefferson =MJ

HJ: How did you meet?

MJ: Roy + I met 21 years ago in Leesville, LA. My father was Army stationed at FT. Polk. We met my freshman year in hight school and his senior year. Nothing rally ever happened just saw him in passing here and there. Then one day I went to taco bell and saw him at the counter. Its like cupids arrow shot me and I fell head over heels. Asked him for his number that day and we have been inseparable since.

HJ: How long you’ve been married

MJ: 19 years

HJ: What are three things you love to do with hubby and two things with the entire family?

MJ: We like to take weekend trips away to reconnect, we love vineyards, and binging on shows late at night in bed with a good charcuterie board. With the kids we love to travel and go to museums, watch movies on Friday nights and have ice cream Sundays, cook together and snuggle lots.

HJ: How do you make happiness last?

MJ: We keep it fresh and new. Make time during the busy day to have lunch dates where we are not tired and no interruptions from the kids. We keep the maintenance going with counseling sessions two times a month, event when things are going fantastic. We have weekly date-nights and go away just us at least three times a year. Another aspect I think helps a lot, is that we make sure the kids have boundaries and have a good bedtime and routine so they respect the time we have together, especially in the evening to reconnect after what can sometimes be long days.

Moni Jefferson is the owner of DT&H Public Relations and Founder of MilSpouse Creative and MilCam App

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