Sailing Through Life

This week we spoke with Sommer Meredith, Navy wife, mother of 4, and entrepreneur.

Here’s what Sommer shared with HJ.

“Being a spouse, an entrepreneur and an adoptive mother are 3 things I’m blessed to be called! My husband Ian and I have been married for 8 years and like most military couples, we have been apart more days than we care to count. But one of the most special things I have experienced as a spouse is the journey we take together!

The Navy likes to always keep things interesting; deployments, underways, moves and more. But one thing I truly love is the family we built together while on this journey. As much as unpacking makes me cringe at times (why do we have so much stuff? And why do they use so much paper?) and having to say “see you later” every 18 months or so. Every part of our journey has brought us closer and given us family that we never would have known!

Being married only 8 years I can only scratch the surface of what our lives will continue to look like, but looking back there are a few things I certainly know we will always continue and know they’ve helped us get this far.

One is TRUST. Trust in ourselves, our marriage and the Lord have always been huge in our relationship. Trust proved especially important when we made the leap of faith to trust and begin our foster adoption journey just 3 years ago! Fast forward to now and we have grown from a simple young couple wine tasting on the weekend and sleeping in, to a family of 6, and there isn’t a shortage on love.

Having grown up being an only child and now having a house of 4 boys I have learned 3 things; my bathrooms can never be clean enough, the energy in my house is always high and boys love like nothing else and I love it! We adopted our 2 oldest boys in 2016 and finalized our adoption of our 2 youngest just 2 weeks ago! We couldn’t be happier or more blessed to know that we are always and forever a family. Adoption gave us every dream we hoped for and more.

The Navy doesn’t always make things “easy” but always having support for one another in our passions is one way we have continued to show our love for one another over the last 8 years. Just 2 years ago I began my LuLaRoe boutique journey and oh what a blessing it has been. As a military spouse, always having to find a new job can be difficult with the frequent moves. This new venture has given me purpose, a zest for life and others around me, and has opened doors I didn’t know were possible. Ian never wavered in his support, even when the house was busting with clothing, I barely slept because there were orders to ship out, and the house seemed chaotic. Even after knowing he needed to head to his next duty station solo, leaving me with the 4 boys while he left for school for 6 months, he never once told me to quit my dreams. He only told me to reach higher! That support means more than anything he could have done! He has faith even when I maybe don’t have it for myself.

The last thing that I would love to share is that even when the days are rough, you miss each other, everything that could go wrong did, the wrong thing was said, the kids are unruly, the day seems impossible and life is just hard, I have a spouse that is always there. Embrace the nights you can kiss each other good night and kiss each other in the morning and know you were meant to live another day together!”

– Sommer Meredith


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