Meet The Taylor’s

Garfield and Lecia have been married for 6 years. Garfield, a high ranking officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Lecia a highly respected Attorney. We ask what their favorite date night activity was and their response was “We don’t have a favourite date night activity because we don’t have pre-set date nights. Both our lives and jobs are too unpredictable to facilitate this. We just try to spend as much time as we can together. We enjoy each other’s company (most of the times) and we go out when we can. “ There are so many career driven couples that can relate to their situation. The amazing thing about the Taylor’s is that they make time for each other when time permits.

If you have seen their social media posts, you can tell that these two are head over heels for each other. You will find humor in many of their posts as well.

Garfield and Lecia welcomed baby Jordan less than a year ago and the world fell in love with them even more. The joy that she brings can be felt in the pictures.

One question that HJ couples

who are featured on our page cannot escape is: “What are some things you do that makes happiness last in your marriage?” Garfield’s answer did not surprise us simply because there is no perfect prescription to making happiness last and every couple is unique . He replied, “There are no list of things I can think of to make happiness last. I love my wife and I try to show her that everyday; whether it’s by anticipating her needs, giving a listening ear, or being her sound advisor.”

Happily Joint is a community that promotes healthy marriages through Relationship Resiliency™️. We are proud to be able to feature couples like Garfield and Lisa who are proud of their union and does not mind sharing their reality with us.

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Remember to do all things with courage and grace and make happiness last.



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