20 Years Later…

20 Years Later … Army Officer & Army Wife

They say “Stay Calm and Carry On,” but we can’t because this year we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary!!!
We have been celebrating this anticipated accomplishment during the past few months with wonderful and meaningful dialog, reminiscing on all the challenges we have overcome throughout the years. This glorious weekend that honors the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to provide our families security, is the perfect time to celebrate a Courageous and Graceful Lifestyle.

We are also grateful to our Lord and Savior for giving us the patience to allow each other to grow and mature at our own pace. His strength and understanding, flowing through us, made loving one another that much easier. Through Him, we were able to accept every flaw as a unique accent to our individuality. We never lost sight of our identity as we strived to become one. We never sacrificed our commitment to Make Happiness Last despite our shortcomings. We are still working on ironing out the wrinkles in life, but we are ok with that. We truly admire and fully support one another’s ambitious ventures. We celebrate each other’s successes and provide consoling with our failures. We embraced all of life’s lessons and are always enthusiastic to share our experiences to encourage and promote other successful marriages.



People ask us: “How can you have so many successful years of marriage while being under 40 in this day and age?” Especially, when they learn of our 7 years of separation due to combat deployments, natural disaster assistance, and other state side military operations. Our response is Relationship Resiliency™! You have to embrace the rain with the same frame of mind as the sunlight. We shape it to our advantage and make it work for us. We are more in love now than we were in 1996 when we first met. We give God all the glory!

Read more about our compelling story in our upcoming book, “The Happily Joint Guide to Make Happiness Last. In the meantime, you can pre-order our workbook: “Happily Joint: The Secret To Relationship Resiliency™.” (Order at info@happilyjoint.com)


Make it a fantastic month! Do all things with courage and grace.



Maxine Chang Reyes

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