My name is Isaac Toyos. I’ve been in the US Army for almost 8 years. I met my wife Onayda Piazza while I was in college. We did not speak much until I finally got the courage to ask her out. Two years later we were married. We both live in Puerto Rico where I have been fortunate enough to be stationed in my home island for the past three years. My wife is my rock.

The three ways we have been able to make our marriage resilient are: Time, Honesty, and commitment. Time is the biggest investment that you can make in a marriage. We use it to grow and continue to get to know each other. Due to our very busy work schedules, we engage in projects that help develop us as a team. No matter how tough it might be, we are always honest with each other. Honesty is the biggest sign of respect in a marriage. Our definition of love is through commitment. Its not the love that sustains our promise, its the promise that sustains our love. We like to enjoy our free time by hiking to different areas, playing with our three dalmatians, and building puzzles.

We balance work and life with the simple rule of “when at work be at work, when at home be at home”. Besides talking about work, we do not do anything regarding work once we get home. This allows us to be productive at both ends. Our greatest advice that we would give young military couples is to rely and devote to each other as much as you can. One day, the uniform will come off, and all that you will have left is each other.

The army has been a great support for me and my wife because it gives us the opportunity to travel and see different places. Faith plays a very complex but beautiful role in our relationship. The best way I can explain it is: “at the end of our faith, we find each other”. The biggest challenge my wife faces is having to find a new job as a veterinary technician. However, she takes our upcoming PCS as a way to grow and develop other skills. 

Contributed by Isaac Toyos

(Thank you for your service)

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