Three Strand Cord of TLC | Trust, Loyalty, & Commitment

There are many aspects that contribute to a successful marriage. Personnel in the military experience many challenges which sometimes create a hardship in their relationships. Trust, Loyalty and Commitment are the three cords that best describes the marriage of Air Force Major, Dr. Julian Thomas, and his wife Tamika.

 My wife Tamika and I have been together for nearly 20 years. We have been married for the majority of that time after dating for a few years. The things that we believe that made our happiness last for so long is our three strand cord of TLC, which is Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment. These strands are not so easily broken and they strengthen our marriage.

The strand of Trust serves as the foundation of our marriage and our love is anchored in it. It helps us to understand each other’s motives, actions, and behaviors as we operate from a clear set of mutually shared values and principles. It allows us to be vulnerable to each other without fear of being hurt by the other person. It also helps us to control our emotions and resolve conflicts in a respectful and healthy way.

The strand of Loyalty binds our marriage together. It helps us remain faithful to our oaths, move past each other’s shortcomings and remain consistent in our love for each other. It is what makes us fall in love over and over again.

The strand of Commitment helps us to selflessly put the other person first even when we do not want to. Commitment follows love. It helps us to do whatever it requires in terms of time, energy and effort to make our marriage work. It helps us to give the best part of our fidelity to one another and remain steadfast in it.

TLC is also about being spontaneous, playfully affectionate, and passionate. It has helped us to maintain a loving balance that we believe have made our happiness last for so long.  – Dr. Julian Thomas

The Thomas family enjoys movie night, family exercise with the kids, and attending to events.

Dr. Julian Thomas is a Pastor who is passionate about sharing the words of God. He proudly serves as a Major in the United States Air Force

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