Destination MEXICO

Destination MEXICO

By Maxine Reyes

Grab your passport, pack those bathing suits and your wedding attire, you are invited to this Happily Joint®️ destination wedding experience! Wait a minute, you don’t have to do any of that because we did all the work for you! All you need to do is relax with a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this article!

(First Dance)

Happily Joint had the pleasure of traveling to Cancun, Mexico to witness a trailblazing millennial couple, Kadaicia and Karim exchange nuptials. Our journey began in the early morning at Tampa International Airport and connected through Miami International Airport. Our goal was to arrive in Mexico early in the day so that we can maximize the day and hang out with everyone we knew who were attending the wedding. By the feel of the flight, we knew that the weather was not calm and the temperature was in its 50’s so we were thoroughly ready to replace our light jackets for bikinis, sarongs and Caribbean cocktails. We arrived in Mexico on time. The ground was still wet from the rain, but we were simply grateful to be on ground and were ready to get to our hotel and start the pre wedding festivities.

(Get down! Get down!)

We hired a private car reserved by the event planner for $45 and the process was very smooth. Since it was our first time in the country, we wanted to mitigate that risk of taking a taxi especially because our daughter was with us. The driver was quite friendly and spoke to us the entire way.

(Bridesmaids and the Bride)

Upon arrival to the hotel, we connected with the wedding party, friends and family and had lunch before hopping on a bus that took us to the shopping mall. We didn’t do much shopping, but we tried different foods and danced with the locals. Everyone in our group was absolutely happy to be on vacation and to see each other. We took the opportunity to celebrate life by enjoying the country and looking forward to the events for the weekend. How amazing is it to have more than 50 people travel internationally to support you in your special day? This couple had a lot of loved ones in attendance.

(This group showed up and had a blast!)

The activities leading up to the wedding were thoroughly enjoyed. The meet and greet social where familiar faces and new arrivals to the country piled in was comforting in a country that Team Reyes was visiting for the first time. We had the most fun on the private party boat the next day, where we danced, dined on traditional Mexican foods, swam in the ocean and made new friends. The blue water was breathtaking and a beauty to look at. After several meetups over cocktails and meals, it was time for the wedding rehearsals and before we knew it, it was the big day!

(I now pronounce you husband and wife)

The venue was the roof top terrace at the Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort. It had a magnificent view of the ocean and the setting was stunning just like the couple! The bride wore carefully selected wedding gown that complimented every curve she had. The group looked great as well and could not get his eyes of his bride to be. It was an all white affair. The wedding party and attendees all wore white. I had the honor of singing a special song selected by the bride and everyone was surprised. 

(Bouquet Toss) 

After the super sweet personalized wedding vows were exchanged, we headed to take photos with the bride and groom, then on to the pre-reception cocktail hour. The reception was quite interesting with the cultural dances from the bride’s Jamaican side and the groom’s Egyptian side. It was unique and fun. Everyone joined in on the dances after the couple gave us an entertaining show. Get to know this newlywed couple and don’t forget to follow us on social if you would like more marriage stories and travel adventures.

(The newlyweds enjoying their cultural dance)

1. (HJ) How did you meet?

Kadaicia: We met on a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagels, but had a mutual friend that went to high school with me and college with Karim that we both texted on the same day before setting up our first date. Having that friend vouch for both of us automatically made us trust one another quickly, while also making our first date really special.

2. (HJ) When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives with each other? What was the #1 characteristic that made you want to marry each other?

Kadaicia’s: I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Karim after our first date. During our date, I realized how much our goals and values aligned, and he also carried so many traits of my grandfather that really drew me toward him. Ambitious, driven, a giver, family-oriented, the list goes on, but Karim has everything I was looking for and more.

Karim’s: Before Kadaicia, I never met someone who I was able to put first without making all of my other commitments feel secondary, which is a testament to her selflessness and our shared desire to make a difference in this world. That was the moment I knew she was the one I wanted to share my life with.

3. (HJ) There’s a unique cultural blend for the both of you, Jamaican and Egyptian, what do you both find most interesting in each other’s culture?

Kadaicia’s: With the way that Karim breaks into a whine on the dance floor, you could not tell that man he’s not Jamaican haha. Him loving Jamaican music as well as Jamaican food made it very easy for our cultures to blend seamlessly. Although Egyptian culture is very different, after a few visits to Egypt, I respected and could not get enough of the Egyptian culture. I am actually going to Egypt for the 3rd time in January! The people, the food, the music, the traditions are all so amazing!

4. What was your favorite part of your destination Mexico wedding and the trip overall?

Kadaicia and Karim: Our favorite part of our trip was having our closest family and friends blend together. Seeing everyone get to know to know one another in a short period of time really brought us so much joy. We were happy because our guests were happy, and that was our ultimate goal.

5. What are your top 5 short term goals?

1. Give away at least 2% annual income each year.

2. Visit three new wonders by 2021.

3. Prepare for first child by 2023.

4. Graduate from both master’s programs.

5. Launch family foundation.

Kareen and Kadaicia are seasoned travelers, who have explored countries in several continents. This amazing millennial couple has a clear vision of their future together and we are here for all that they are bringing to the table. We wish you both an incredible marriage journey and look forward to seeing you travel the world!

Live your life with love, courage, grace and gratitude and make happiness last!


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