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When you think of a woman who is fierce, knows what she wants, and works smartly to achieve her goals, it’s Dr. Keita Joy Ductant. She is a successful Life Coach, Success Strategist, and Speaker. She is also a devoted wife and mom who does not let work get in the way of fulfilling her duties in both roles. Dr. Keita celebrates 11 years of marriage today and as a member of our Happily Joint community, we celebrate with her and her family.

We love the list she shared of 11 reasons why her husband is one of her biggest blessings from God. Really, this list is suffice to making happiness last in anyone’s marriage.

1. He loves me the way Jesus loves the church (his beloved people).

2. He can be the most nerdy man and then the most hood man all in one conversation.

3. He’s silly and always finds a reason to laugh.

4. He not only supports my dreams and business goals but is an instrumental factor in all of my success!

5. He is such an amazing father to our two children (example: he has to travel for work but told them he had to come back early to take our kids to school on their first day! ??).

6. He’s sexy and I still get excited when he comes home with a fresh haircut.

7. He loves God more than he loves me.

8. He encourages me to live a healthy lifestyle while still loving every roll, stretch mark, scar, and cellulite.

9. He’s loyal and honest.

10. He shows me what real, pure LOVE looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

11. We build new memories together every day.

Thank you for honoring the foundation of marriage and supporting each other in the way that you both do. Happy Anniversary!!



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Do all things with courage and grace and make happiness last.

Maxine & Ken




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