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20th Wedding Anniversary Soirée and Couple's Getaway in Orlando, FL

This glorious weekend honored the beauty of committment.
Celebrating a Courageous & Graceful Lifestyle with over 50 couples & partners of The Happily Joint ® community.


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What makes Happily Joint retreats unique? Relationship Resiliency! Relationship Resiliency is the ability to properly identify friction points in a relationship, understand the reasoning behind them and find the best means to resolve them.

There are two things that are required at Happily Joint events:

  1. Leave your armor at home.
  2. Be open to self-reflection.

Be ready to live your best life now ... Make Happiness Last!

  • I am single! In a generation with social media hype, conflicting music, and lack of mentorship, relationships are hard. Maxine and Ken Reyes exhibit the qualities, passion, and skill set needed to advise couples on relationship needs as living examples acting as a support system. I recommend Happily Joint to everyone.
    Thomas Bolen, Commercial Real Estate Professional
  • Daniela De Hoyas and Andrew Vives, Committed Young Lovers
    The Happily Joint weekend of activities was amazing!  We could feel the genuine love Ken and Maxine have for each other. It was inspiring for us to see.
    Daniela De Hoyas and Andrew Vives, Committed Young Lovers
  • What a beautiful evening spent with a beautiful couple! Ken and Max demonstrated the kind of perseverance required to endure any trial.  What a pleasure to meet other people who've been impacted by their love.  Looking forward to the next one!
    Tony and Kat Weilbacher, Military Couple
  • The relationship Maxine and Ken have is one to admire. No distance, circumstance, or assignment has ever blocked them from expressing their true love. Glad to celebrate their relationship with them and learn from a couple we admire."
    Stewart Moore, Local News Anchor and Shari Moore

Maxine and Ken are available to your guest speakers at your event relating to relationships, marriage, family, parenting and Dual Military Veterans.